Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Super Fighting Goat

Once upon a time I once took on a fangame project called MegaGoat. I believed I worked on this back in 2003 or 2004. You can check it out at TwinSky Games if you feel the urge to play this magnificent title.
Spritesheet of Mega Goat
I think my logic at the time of working on this project was that I was a huge Mega Man fan at the time and the best way to get your hands dirty into making a game was experience, and one of the best ways to learn was to imitate something else just to see if you could do it yourself.
The Robot Masters

Mail>Weather>Fisher>Muffin>Ice Cream>Mail, the logic being mailmen are supposed to able to weather through any storm to deliver mail, the weather can ruin a fisherman's day and be unable to fish, fish can ruin muffins, I'm not sure how muffins beat ice cream but ice cream can ruin mail.
All those art assets was a lot of work! On top of doing backgrounds, there was a lot of animation work that had to be done. I had never really done animation before so it was kind of daunting!
Some interesting things I remember was Mail Man's stage was supposed to be based off of Paper Boy to an extent and a Grim Reaper enemy was planned for the stage. We also got Retarded Goat Man (a recurring gag with a yellow/purple color scheme in Tim's games), a Paper Man enemy and a Weather Man enemy.
This particular enemy was inspired by a game with two funky aliens
Some generic enemies like the Giant Jumper as are common in Mega Man games were made too. I liked the Frying Pan enemy because it was supposed to be like those birds in Airman's stage and we wanted to play on Player expectations where when the egg breaks, a bunch of mini enemies pop out to bombard the Player but instead we'd just have an anticlimactic sunny side up.

Anyway when I was feeling nostalgic about this I recently decided to draw some art based on Mega Goat!

Looking back at it I can totally see how I would draw and shade and animate some things differently. Maybe someday the game will be finished! Kickstarter's all the rage these days isn't it? I hope we'd be protected under parody!

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