Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A Christmas Story

Earlier this December I found a gift wrapped present from a friend in my room. Not thinking much of the implications on what this could mean, I opened it immediately to my delight a handicraft of one of my old fandoms.
After receiving this gesture, I knew the next time I had met with her I would have to thank her! But thanks to my rusty Holiday spirits (it's been years since I received any sort of Christmas present), when she discovered I had already opened it she chided me that I was supposed to open it on Christmas! D'oh! I should've done the math! Present+Close to December 25th=Christmas Present. I'm out of practice! I promptly put the handicraft back in its gift wrap and waited to (re)open it on Christmas.

After this discovery, I figure the only way to respond was an artistic creation of my own. So I busted out Maya and made an animation based on the kind of things she created.

I actually wanted every single bead to explode outward from the point of impact once Harley hit the words but my computer couldn't handle all those dynamics so I had to settle for a bright white flash. Maybe next time!

Preliminary art:

Thanks for the present!

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