Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nice Bowler Hat

I forgot when I drew this
I got a soft spot for that Horace Horsecollar. Horace was a character in the early black and white Mickey cartoons and he played second fiddle to Mickey. However, as time went on, Mickey started playing second fiddle to Donald and Goofy, and Horace was eventually phased out, so when I see Horace in more recent cartoons like House of Mouse I feel like they forget some of his aspects (he neighs every time he laughs, which he did a lot in the old cartoons, he's very strong and did a lot of strongman stunts, and he's got quite a dashing set of teeth for a smile that he displays quite often). He is also the boyfriend of Clarabelle Cow who's also similarly obscure but more well known as one of Goofy's recent love interests, a concept I never bought because

1. Clarabelle and Horace have been paired in almost all their appearance in the old shorts.
2. I don't like the need to shoehorn in a love interest for Goofy just because Mickey and Donald have one.

These two shorts in particular feature Horace heavily, Camping Out especially where he was pretty much the main character:
A few of my favorite shorts with Horace:
Admittedly, he was a boring character, but I got a soft spot for him. Someone who the world used to know as one of Mickey's pals but Mickey would later become an American icon and Horace would become... well, forgotten.

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